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About Course

CLUBS, EVENTS & ACTIVITIES AT NTP: We encourage and facilitate students to take initiatives and lead various co-curricular activities such as Toastmasters Club; professionals talk series, sports and other events enhancing leadership and personal developments.

MBA is the common abbreviation for a Master of Business Administration degree, and and The degree of our MBA program would be conferred by Sripatum University (SPU) of Thailand. This 57 credit hours program has most popular academic programs in the areas of business and management that is sought by students aspiring for careers in business been approved by Ministry of Education, Science and Technology of Government of management. However, many recipients of MBA typically stop attending school after graduating. But, those who are interested in conducting research & interest in academics decide to pursue a doctorate in business or management.

MBA programs generally offer a range of concentrations or specializations that allow students to acquire expertise in a specific abroad opportunities to Thailand, Australia The Graduation ceremony and the UK. aspect of business, such as finance or will be held in Thailand with a tour to main marketing. NTP has Nepal’s first specialized MBA program in Strategic Marketing. Students who want to enhance further in any university. We ensure our students sufficient exposure to global platforms and practices. We have two shifts in MBA program: area of marketing profession or academics may benefit to improve their knowledge base for better performance and increase their employability.


September/October, February/March

Entry Requirements:

Successful completion of undergraduate (Bachelor’s) degree from any recognized university. Students expecting to successfully complete the required entry eligibility before commencement of academic session be accepted in conditional basis.


We offer many generous scholarships. Candidates can apply for any of the categories of scholarships based on their circumstances to meet the set criteria as relevant to each category. Initially students are awarded scholarships based on their past academic performance, personal interview, and extra-curricular activities and special talents.

Students with excellent record of heir past academic performance, personal interview, and extra-curricular activities and special talents are awarded this category of Merit based scholarships.

Deserving students with excellent academic performance and involvement in extra-curricular activities but don not have sound financial background are awarded with this kind of Need-based Scholarships.

Awarded to candidates affiliated to specific professional organizations and meet the criteria, standard and terms set in by recommending organizations.

Time Schedule:

  • MORNING SHIFT – 6:00 am to 9:00 am (5 days a week)
  • EVENING SHIFT – 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm (5 days a week


September/October, February/March